On passion and geekdom

I have always said… the coolest people I know are not those who are the “trendiest” or have the most friends. The coolest people are those who are passionate about SOMETHING. So passionate that they do not care how they are perceived by those around them, so passionate that they simply want to share that […]

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On Brown People

Fox News ran rampant today with a video depicting “illegal” immigrants shopping at Walmart with government EBT cards. The woman narrating uses lines that just as easily could have been heard from the mouth of a politician. “This is something that is a major problem for our government…I don’t know why they’re allowing these illegal […]

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One day, for a school project, I watched a panhandler for an hour, counting how many times he was given money or food. Where I am from, there is a general attitude that a beggar can “make a lot of money” taking advantage of the good will of others. As Ronald Reagan put it, “one […]

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