What does queer mean to me?

I can’t claim to be an expert on queer theory, my forays into it are limited to a smattering of Foucault and international relations theorists like Cynthia Weber (mostly just Weber). Thus, I can’t really generalize what queer does mean academically, or what it should mean. And with those caveats in place, I proceed. Often times I see queerness […]

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Your energy is precious: a letter to my colleagues, friends, and students at the University of Alabama

Your energy should not be needed to justify your own humanity. School – and any endeavor – takes time and energy. Being placed in an environment where your value is under constant scrutiny is not just dehumanizing, is not just demoralizing, it is limiting. When a student group at the University of Alabama (Students for […]

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Trapped in the Panopticon

Panopticon*: a prison with cells that face inward to a guard tower. The guard tower itself is impossible to see into, but from it the activities of every prisoner are visible. The inmates themselves have no way of knowing if they are being watched at any moment, and so they must act at all times […]

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I was thinking that I’ve never actually used my photography to express my emotions, so tonight I changed that. This isn’t anything particularly special, but the words I wrote on myself are ones that have followed me for a long time. They pop out of people’s mouths, even those that think they are being reassuring. […]

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Queering Valentine’s Day

*fair warning, this really isn’t all that deep and probably doesn’t meet the technical criteria for “queering” Valentine’s Day – as much of a capitalists marketing ploy at this point as a day to celebrate romanticism – elicits many emotions. For those in relationships, it can be elation, celebration, or even annoyance. For those recently […]

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