Students for America First

I am following up with regards to an email I sent on November 10, 2017 that dealt with Students for America First. I am concerned with the lack of action in addressing racism, anti-Semitism, and harassment by this student group. I am worried that administration is unintentionally facilitating their ability to harass students. My first email dealt with harassment directed toward [redacted]. You can see the content of that email detailed below my signature [that email also redacted].
What this email will document is a pattern of racist and anti-Semitic activity. It includes screenshots from their social media account, and information about a speaker they invited to campus: Paul Nehlen. University of Alabama needs to take concrete and public steps to protect students. Being proactive, rather than reactive, is the only acceptable solution.
Please let me know what steps will be taken to solve this problem as soon as possible. Please note that I have contacted the following people: [redacted, really long list of ppl]. Please let me know if there is a more appropriate person to direct my inquiry to.
Paul Nehlan
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Paul Nehlen is a candidate currently running for Paul Ryan’s seat in the US House of Representatives. Students for America First has invited him to speak on campus (details of the event above). This is notable for several reasons:
1) Nehlen has a history of engaging in conspiratorial hate-speech directed toward Jewish people (see a highly detailed account of that here)
2) Nehlen was fired as a contributor for Breitbart (a “news organization” notable for its racism) for engaging in Anti-Semitic and racist hate speech (see here)
3) Nehlen has used social media to attack Jewish people and distribute contact information of Jewish people to white supremacists (see here, and here, and here)
4) Nehlen is well-loved in white supremacist circles (see the Daily Stormer’s hashtag for Paul Nehlen here) (see description of Daily Stormer here)
5) Nehlen was banned from Twitter due to repeated racist and anti-Semitic posts (see here)
Allowing Nehlen on campus is a tremendous liability for the school, and places students at risk.
Please note that it would be impossible to be unaware of the controversy surrounding Paul Nehlen. SFAF claims in their constitution that they wish to bring outside speakers to campus who are aligned with the general goals of the group. See below (and see their constitution, attached):
Inline image 20
Please also see their activity in supporting Nehlen:
Inline image 13
Inline image 14
Social Media Activity
Below I document problematic and persistent behavior by students for America First on both their twitter and gab accounts.
Inline image 1Inline image 4
Please see the association of “cuck” with the alt-right, and it’s racist implications here.
Inline image 2
See the association of Thor’s hammer with neo-nazi groups here.
Inline image 9Inline image 3Inline image 10Inline image 11Inline image 12
Please note that the author of the piece above is the President of the John Birch Society which is notable for its brand of political extremism, and is perpetuating a narrative largely pushed by white supremacist organizations like the occidental dissent (see their post here, see information about their organization here). The rejection of ‘multiculturalism’ and embrace of white identity as a central feature of their politics is symptomatic of new white-supremacist groups, especially those that fall under the umbrella of the alt-right (see here). See also the use of “western civilization” as a dogwhistle for white supremacy (see here). Thomas Sowell is notable for being an African American man who has criticized civil rights leaders as opportunists. Yet it might also be telling that the Sowell post exists on their Twitter account, while the MLK post is on their “gab” account, which is a social media platform created for users that are banned from Twitter for espousing white supremacist or anti-Semitic views (see here). Also, note that the magazine recommended in their meeting perpetuates conspiracy theories by people like Alex Jones (see here). Jones runs a media organization called infowars, and they are famous for running stories about mass shootings being false-flag operations to take away guns from gun owners (see a file of their claims here).
Inline image 5Inline image 6
Please note their specific targeting of organizations and groups that act as safe havens for queer students and students of color. They posted these flyers around the department of gender and race studies and sat next to the bulletin boards to harass individuals when they were taken down.
Inline image 7
Please note Pepe the Frog’s history as a symbol for neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the alt-right (see here).
Inline image 8
This, again, is on their Gab page. #Whitegenocide has become closely associated with this story, which dubiously claims that white farmers in South Africa are being targeted in a politically motivated attempt to kill white people (see here, and here). These same groups have been flying South Africa’s apartheid era flag (see here)
Inline image 16
Inline image 18
This interaction between the College Republicans and SFAF demonstrates that the College Republicans have found them problematic.
Inline image 17
Please note that Stefan Molyneux is a believer in social darwinism, eugenics (see here), and fits the profile of a late 19th/early 20th century scientific racist, in the mold of Josiah Nott.

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