Austin S.:
Austin is a senior at Idaho State University majoring in Political Science. He enjoys topics in civil rights, political theory and international relations theory. If you ever see him out on the town, he would be delighted if offered a Scotch & Dry. Among his many hobbies are reading way more Star Wars books than are necessary, larping, basketball and ignoring the blog that he contributes to. Austin has written for the Idaho State Bengal Newspaper and has had articles in the Idaho State Journal.

Bryce A.:
Bryce is also a senior at Idaho State University, and since his first name starts with a B, he gets to be second on this page. He enjoys various topics in political science, but is especially interested in voting, campaigning and anything having to do with elections. If you see him out and about, do not offer him a Scotch & Dry, he prefers Dr. Pepper. In his spare time, Bryce enjoys being terrible at basketball. Bryce has worked for the Utah Democratic Party and has experience in contributing to election campaigns and party activities as a whole.

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