I am not equal in Utah

When trying to choose who to vote for in any election – whether it be local, or for President – I believe that most of us try to imagine how we want our communities to be different. This is certainly what preoccupies my mind, and there is so much that I want to change. Utah […]

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Extraordinary Rendition: torturing US citizens and a comprehensive argument against torture

Beginning in the early 1990s and continuing to this day, the Central Intelligence Agency, together with other U.S. government agencies, has utilized an intelligence-gathering program involving the transfer of foreign nationals suspected of involvement in terrorism to detention and interrogation in countries where — in the CIA’s view — federal and international legal safeguards do […]

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On passion and geekdom

I have always said… the coolest people I know are not those who are the “trendiest” or have the most friends. The coolest people are those who are passionate about SOMETHING. So passionate that they do not care how they are perceived by those around them, so passionate that they simply want to share that […]

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